Automatic driving log

Keeping driving logs has never been so easy!

LogMyDrive is a new way of keeping driving logs. This solution enables all of the relevant data relating to your trips – such as times, places, routes and distance driven – to be recorded automatically by your mobile phone. And this in turn frees up valuable time as you no longer have to manually write down your business trips!

To start using the service, all you need is an internet-capable Android, Windows Phone or iOS mobile phone equipped with GPS. Once you have installed the location tracking software on your phone, you can hit the road! If you don’t want to use your phone for logging your drives, you can also get a fixed GPS unit for your car. After you’ve started tracking your drives to LogMyDrive, literally everything else is taken care of for you.

You can access your driving log through our web page, which means you will not have to worry about carrying it with you. The drives can be added, modified and deleted through a simple user interface. And if you wish to process the drive data in other programs, ie. Microsoft Excel, you can also export the driving log data in various different formats.